2022-23 RCS Beta Club Winners

National BETA Club

Beginning November 19th, students from across the nation descended on Gaylord Opryland Resort and convention center for a multi-day competition across a variety of categories.

Listed are the RCS student winners organized by category, school and area of competition.

Elementary Beta Convention (Grades 4 and 5)
Statewide Attendance: 1,398 students from 46 clubs

McFadden School of Excellence

  • Book Battle- 1st place
  • Drawing (Aayush Kafle)- 1st place
  • Handmade Jewelry (Quinn Shelton)- 1st place
  • 4th Grade Math (Dylan Weber)- 1st place
  • Musicology- 1st place
  • Onsite Drawing (Aayush Kafle)- 1st place
  • Quiz Bowl- 1st place
  • 5th Grade Social Studies (Elvin Chen)- 1st place
  • 5th Grade Spanish (Lillian Griggs)- 1st place
  • Three-Dimensional Design- 1st place
  • Songfest- 1st place
  • 5th Grade Math (Connor Reaves)- 2nd place
  • Mixed Media Art (Adelyn Hurt)- 2nd place
  • Onsite Painting (Nada Alzoubi)- 2nd place
  • Performing Arts Variety Show (Alex Collins)- 2nd place
  • Portfolio/Scrapbook- 2nd place
  • Black and White Photography (Alana Criswell)- 3rd place
  • Fiber Arts (Luke Jones)- 3rd place
  • Performing Arts Large Group Talent- 3rd place
  • Poetry (Sama Sultan)- 3rd place
  • Speech (Teddy Anne Hord)- 3rd place
  • Spelling Bee (Ugo Eze)- 3rd place
  • Technology- 3rd place
  • Two- Dimensional Design/Banner- 3rd place
  • 4th Grade Science (Amelia Luther)- 5th place
  • Apparel and Design- 5th place
  • Robotics- 5th place
  • GOLD Key Award

Junior Beta Convention (Grades 6 – 8)

  • Statewide Attendance: 5,266 students from 151 clubs

Blackman Middle

  • Poetry (Layla Thomas)- 2nd place
  • Creative Writing (Mahina Kabir)- 4th place
  • 8th Grade Social Studies (Gaven Burrows)- 4th place

Central Magnet

  • 7th Grade Science (Daniel Choe)- 1st place
  • 8th Grade Math (Jacob Anderson)- 2nd place
  • Painting- (Elaine Li)- 2nd place
  • 8th Grade ELA (John Parkerson)- 3rd place
  • 7th Grade Math (Anna Redmon)- 4th place
  • 8th Grade Spanish (Connor Clagg)- 5th place
  • GOLD Key Award

Christiana Middle

  • 8th Grade Science (Cayden Maloney)- 3rd place
  • Onsite Painting (Lynnlee Tune)- 4th place
  • Quiz Bowl- 5th

Eagleville School

  • 8th Grade Science (Cade Taylor)- 2nd place
  • 8th Grade Social Studies (Ames Bryant)- 2nd place
  • Marketing and Communications- 3rd place
  • Living Literature- 4th place
  • GOLD Key Award

LaVergne Middle

  • Marketing and Communications- 2nd place
  • Onsite Drawing (Luany Garcia)- 5th place

Oakland Middle

  • Small Group Performing Arts- 2nd place
  • Onsite Painting (Kymberli Rodgers)- 5th place

Rocky Fork Middle

  • 8th Grade ELA (Justice Wilson)- 2nd place
  • GOLD Key Award

Siegel Middle

  • Three-Dimensional Design (Avery Tate)- 2nd place
  • Performing Arts Vocalist (Sarah Kate Wright)- 3rd place
  • 8th Grade Science (Alexis Jones)- 4th place
  • 8th Grade Spanish (Danna Segura)- 4th place
  • Drawing (Zoe Tang)- 5th place
  • GOLD Key Award

Thurman Francis Arts Academy

  • 8th Grade Spanish (Madison Harbour)- 1st place

Whitworth Buchanan Middle

  • 8th Grade Spanish (Yesenia Ayala)- 2nd place
  • Hand-Drawn Anime (Olivia Grady)- 4th place
  • Performing Arts Vocalist (Charly Floyd)- 4th place
  • GOLD Key Award

Senior Beta Convention (Grades 9 – 12)

  • Statewide Attendance: 4,157 students from 113 clubs

Central Magnet

  • 9th Grade French (Marissa Bratsch)- 1st place
  • 9th Grade Language Arts (Matthew Smith)- 1st place
  • 11th Grade Math (Angel Hu)- 1st place
  • Robotics- 1st place
  • 9th Grade Agriscience (Ray Swicord)- 2nd place
  • 9th Grade Math (Benjamin Xiao)- 2nd place
  • 9th Grade Science (Andrew Smith)- 2nd place
  • Living Literature- 2nd place
  • Mixed Media Division II (Kylie London)- 2nd place
  • Performing Arts Large Group Talent- 2nd place
  • Quilling Division II (Kaitlyn Elliott)- 3rd place
  • 9th Grade Biomedical Health Science (Brady Stone)- 4th place
  • 10th Grade Math (Rylee Pelham)- 4th place
  • 12th Grade Science (Isaac Smith)- 4th place
  • Campaign Skit- 4th place
  • 11th Grade Biomedical Health Science (Daniel Le)- 5th place
  • Digital Art Division II (Lilly Ann Brown)- 5th place
  • Drawing Division I (Megan Zhao)- 5th place
  • Three-Dimensional Design- 5th place
  • GOLD Key Award

LaVergne High

  • 10th Grade Language Arts (Robin Phelps)- 2nd place
  • Quiz Bowl- 4th
  • GOLD Key Award

Oakland High

  • 9th Grade Social Studies (Emma Woods)- 1st place
  • Freshman Problem Solving- 2nd place
  • Color Photography Division II (Maarten Muller)- 3rd place
  • Creative Writing Division I (Tina Abdous)- 3rd place
  • 9th Grade Science (Lily Drake)- 4th place
  • Jewelry Division II (Emmy Montgomery)- 4th place
  • 11th Grade Spanish (Maria Hernandez)- 5th place
  • GOLD Key Award

Riverdale High

  • 12th Grade Language Arts (Ivy Lin)- 1st place
  • Digital Art Division II (Kacy Momon)- 1st place
  • Jewelry Division II (Hannah Gilliam)- 5th place
  • GOLD Key Award

Rockvale High

  • Poetry Division I (Loren Kloss)- 1st place
  • Pottery Division II (Shelby Baltimore)- 2nd place
  • Onsite Drawing Division II (Alyson Lee)- 3rd place
  • Marketing and Communications- 4th place
  • Creative Writing Division II (Catalina Valdivia)- 5th place

Siegel High

  • 10th Grade Science (Peyton Taylor)- 1st place
  • 10th Grade Social Studies (Noah Wright)- 1st place
  • 10th Grade Agriscience (Bailey Todd)- 2nd place
  • Onsite Painting Division I (Bea Kimbro)- 2nd place
  • Performing Arts Trio Dance (McKenna Elliott, Reese Lynam, Samantha Festervand)- 2nd place
  • 11th Grade Language Arts (Catherine Schroer)- 4th place
  • GOLD Key Award

Smyrna High

  • Pottery Division II (Sophie Zehr)- 4th place
  • Performing Arts Solo Dance (Paw Wah)- 5th place
  • Speech Division I (Ashley Sanford)- 5th place
  • GOLD Key Award

Stewarts Creek High

  • 12th Grade Spanish (Thatyana Gonzalez)- 1st place
  • Poetry Division I (Bre Sanders)- 2nd place
  • 11th Grade Spanish (Barbara Alvarado)- 4th place
  • Drawing Division II (Lazaro Almedo)- 5th
  • Musicology- 5th place

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