Acts of Kindness 2022

Help us surprise local families this Christmas for our Acts of Kindness Surprise, we’re calling our “Campaign of Kindness.”  This year we’ve teamed up with The Fountains at Gateway and Jared Blake from Music On A Mission and several of our community partners to help out as many families as we can!

This year has been tough on everyone and especially tough on others.  All the families are local and were nominated by local people, so you are directly helping people in YOUR community!  We were able to get our hands on their Christmas lists and below are Amazon Wish Lists with items listed from each family.  Once purchased, the items will be shipped to a location in Murfreesboro where they will be wrapped and then taken to the families as a surprise.  Given that these families were nominated by others, they have no idea this is coming.

Help us bring Christmas joy to those who otherwise wouldn’t have it this year.  Thank you!

Family 3 –

Family 4 –

Family 10 –

Family 13 –

Family 14 –

Family 20 –

Family 25 –

Family 27 –

Family 31 –

Family 34 –

Family 35 –

Family 36 –

Family 37 –

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