Boro Art Crawl and Church Street Gallery Presents “Autumn Art Tour”

Just in time to add to Autumn’s resplendent colors, Murfreesboro’s Art Tour is back with a new date.

“This is a companion event with our May Art Tour,” says Church Street Gallery co-owner Eric Snyder, “and it features several art-related businesses around the square and artists from November’s Art Studio Tour participating.” He explains that the idea for doing the Art Tour for a second time came from a discussion involving participants from May’s Art Tour and additional artists from the Stones River Crafts Association. After considering the exciting potential of doing an event in early October to celebrate the Autumn season and the coming holidays, they decided that the Autumn Art Tour would be held, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., Saturday, October 9, 2021.

This time, the Art Tour features a number of guest artists at either art studios or at one of several businesses in Murfreesboro that showcase artwork in addition to other products. The list of participating businesses includes Church Street Gallery, Studio S Pottery, M&J Home, the Murfreesboro Art League Gallery at Cannonsburg, and Blue Pony Art Studio. Each of these locations is a stop on the tour and will surely contribute to the fun. Added to the roster of to-do’s is Saturday’s pop-up event in Graffiti Alley. Hosted by Church Street Gallery and presented by the now-revived Boro Art Crawl for which Eric Snyder serves as the President, the pop-up will feature a small number of graffiti artists in the open green space near the intersection of Church and College Streets, just off the Square. These selected artists will contribute their creative energies to a section of the wall space of Murfreesboro’s famed “Graffiti Alley.”

“We wanted to do an event that showcases what’s in Graffiti Alley, and [demonstrate] how this area behind an art gallery can unite artists of all backgrounds to raise the standing of what many consider vandalism into what should be considered genuine works of art,” Eric explains. “And, since we’re looking to make it intimate, we felt that having the event entitled ‘Consensual Vandalism’ as a one-day event—where the public could participate and mingle with these artists—would make for a great bridge-building exercise between the community and these artists.”

Eric adds, “I think the Graffiti Alley event is one of a number of elements to the Autumn Art Tour that are exciting. Like with May’s Art Tour, it will feature a different type of line-up, with a different purpose. The art studio tour focuses on the element of demonstrating the artist’s process of each studio involved. The Autumn Art Tour is a coming together of a variety of businesses and artists that seeks not only to highlight our community’s vast wealth of artistic talent but also to say that when you think of art and want to support buying local, Murfreesboro continues to emerge as an artistic Mecca.”

In addition to local creativity on display at some of Murfreesboro’s favorite shops, visitors to the Autumn Art Tour will be able to enjoy the fresh air and convenient parking around the square for M & J Home, and Church Street Gallery. Blue Pony Art Studio and Studio S will offer parking on site. Visitors are reminded that a piece of art might make the perfect holiday gift, as might something from one of the local venues.

Social distancing and the use of face masks are encouraged while attending. For further information about the Autumn Art Tour, be sure to visit More details about the reformation of the Boro Art Crawl – including arts programming plans – will be announced at a later date.

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