Chef Alex Belew Delivers “Utter Perfection” to Gordon Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen

Chef Alex Belew on Hell’s Kitchen

Week three of Hell’s Kitchen: Battle of the Ages has Chef Alex Belew challenging his seafood skills and team spirit. With only minutes to cook and break down a lobster, Belew’s presentation earned the review of “Utter perfection,” from Gordon Ramsay. Unfortunately the rest of his team didn’t fare as well in the challenge coming up short to the red team again. Rather than using his previously earned punishment pass when given the opportunity to join the winners, Alex demonstrated his leadership and joined his teammates during their penalty.

For the second time this season, the blue team was dismissed from the kitchen for failing to provide a satisfactory standard course meal, leading to the loss of yet another teammate. Troubled with the uneven numbers, Gordon restructured the groups to be boys vs. girls in hopes that the mixed ages would allow for an even playing field.

Frustrated with the Blue team’s stagnancy, Alex adds, “Hopefully now that we’ve been able to switch up the teams and add a few of the talented guys from the 20s our losing streak will end.”

Catch Chef Alex and his new teammates on the next episode of Hell’s Kitchen: Battle of the Ages, Thursday, October 20th, at 8/7c on FOX.

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