Chef Alex Belew Earns Praise and Perfect Score from Gordon Ramsey on the Season Premiere of Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen: Battle of the Ages has officially premiered and hometown Chef Alex Belew is cooking up some serious competition for the Blue Team. Belew has taken the lead and proven himself worthy of winning by earning the first perfect score from Gordon Ramsey.

With only 45 minutes to perfect their signature dish, Belew flawlessly crafted a spiced crusted salmon, Carolina Gold rice, maple glaze with Aleppo carrots and a chorizo broth, finished off with a scoop of sweet and savory Charleston ice cream. It’s no surprise that Belew’s signature dish impressed celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, given the multiple awards it won at Belew’s former restaurant in Murfreesboro, TN, Dallas & Jane.

Ramsey noted in his tasting, “It’s cooked beautifully, it’s pink, it’s vibrant. Got that right balance of acidity. I love the balance of the starch. That’s a very strong five, good job.”

Alex adds, “Getting a 5 on the signature dish challenge and having the best dish on my team is going to show the rest of my team that I’m here to win.” He continues, “My flavors are on point, my finesse is there, and I’m someone to watch out for. I’m not here to play Chef Boyardee. I’m here to win the Beanie Weenies.”

Catch Chef Alex on the next episode of “Hell’s Kitchen: Battle of the Ages”, Thursday, October 6th at 8/7c on FOX.

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