Deputy receives life saver award

Saving the life of a 6-year-old girl earned a Life Savers Award for a Rutherford County Sheriff’s Deputy Thursday.

Deputy Chris Beach received the Life Savers Award from Sheriff Mike Fitzhugh for doing rescue breathing and reviving the unresponsive girl March 16 at her home.

“He recognized the seriousness of the situation and while remaining calm was able to take quick action contributed to saving this girls’ life,” Fitzhugh said. “Chris, you changed someone’s life forever. Thank you for what you did.”

Deputy Chief Egon Grissom said Beach was “recognized and awarded the Life Savers award for his swift and heroic actions.”

Sgt. Derek Oeser, who nominated Beach, said the deputy responded to a call of the girl not breathing and turning blue. Her parents were frantic.

The girl showed no signs of life and her skin turned blue.

Beach started CPR but recognized her blocked airway. He gave the girl rescue breaths that slightly opened up her airway and she showed signs of life.

Medical first responders and paramedics arrived. Paramedics continued treating the girl during transport to St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital.

“It is without a doubt, had it not been for the heroic actions of Deputy Chris Beach, the outcome of this night would have been tragic,” Oeser said.

Fitzhugh also honored retiring Detention Cpl. Bubba Josey with 30 years of service and Transport Deputy Bill Melton with 16 years of service.

The sheriff told Melton he appreciated his years of service.

Grissom thanked Josey for supporting his co-workers during his 30 years of service.

Fitzhugh thanked Josey for endeavoring in his years of service where he experienced many changes.

“I’ve enjoyed working with you,” Fitzhugh said.

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