RCFR’s Fire/Arson Investigation Unit Arrests Male Subject Connected to Dollar General Dumpster Fire

Rutherford County Fire Rescue (RCFR)’s Fire/Arson Investigation Unit (FAIU) arrested a male subject Monday morning in connection with a dumpster fire at the Dollar General Store on John Bragg Highway.

Bryan Andrew Daley, 28, Bradyville, was charged with setting fire to personal property or land and vandalism. He was booked into the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center Monday and remains held on $3,000 bond. A hearing is set for August 10, 2020 in General Sessions Court.

Dollar General Fire

Kittrell Volunteer Fire Department responded to the store just before 7:30 Monday morning. They arrived to discover a dumpster on fire and called investigators to the scene.

According to Lieutenant/Assistant Fire Marshal Joshua Sanders, the FAIU conducted an investigation and determined that Daley had attempted to enter the store, but learned the front doors were locked. He then went around to the side of the building and entered the dumpster enclosure.

“Shortly thereafter, the fire was discovered by a Dollar General employee,” said Sanders. “At that time, Mr. Daley was still inside the enclosure.”

Sanders said FAIU arrested and charged Daley with setting fire to personal property and vandalism and mentioned Daley had other outstanding warrants.

How you can help cut down on arson in Rutherford County (excerpt from Arson Awareness Week News Release 5/7/2020)

Sanders said the community can join RCFR to decrease the number of arson cases in the county. “Arson Awareness Week is a great time to let our citizens know how they can help.”

He urges citizens to start with their own homes or properties. “Look over the area outside your home and consider what could easily be ignited and grow into a larger fire. Remove any overgrown vegetation and abandoned cars or equipment.”

“Make sure to clean up around vacant homes or property too,” said Sanders, “and keep them secured. All of these things make it harder for people to find things to set on fire.”

Sanders also warns to watch for kids. According to NFPA, half of the people arrested for arson are under the age of 18. “Parents, educate your children on the consequences of committing a fire-related crime,” he said. “The most common fire setters in your area are generally boys in their teens who set fires either alone or in groups.”

“Organizing a neighborhood watch program can be a great way to get to know and interact with your neighbors,” commented Sanders. “It’s also a way to reduce the potential for fire-related crimes.”

Sanders also urges the community to watch for suspicious activity when out and about. “Keep an eye on area businesses. Sometimes arsonists target stores, places of worship, theaters, schools, and other recreational sites.”

“Always report suspicious activity,” said Sanders. “If you see something, say something.”

Protecting Your Family

To protect your family from fire, make sure your home has the correct number of working smoke alarms. If you need assistance with alarms, RCFR provides them free with installation.

Families should also create and practice escape plans. “Escape plans should include a designated meeting place,” said Sanders, “From there, dial 9-1-1 and report the fire.”

For More Info or to Report Suspicious Activity…

For more information on RCFR’s FAIU, free smoke alarm installation, or to report suspicious activity, contact RCFR at 615-867-4626. You can also contact the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office at 615-898-7770 to report suspicious activity.

Lastly, Sanders mentions the Tennessee Arson Hotline. “Any information that leads to the successful arrest and conviction of an arsonist can result in a reward of up to $5,000.”

The Tennessee Arson Hotline is 1-800-762-3017.

“We are passionate about cutting out arson in Rutherford County because we care about this community and the safety of our citizens,” said Sanders. “This goal is even more attainable if we work together.”

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