Hear for the Holidays – Hearing Aid Giveaway

This Christmas you or someone you love may be able to win a free pair of hearing aids. Thigpen Hearing Center is sponsoring a Free giveaway of Top of the line hearing aids for someone who is in need. Nominate yourself or someone you know to win a free set of top of the line hearing aids. The process is simple: write a letter of no more than 500 words stating how hearing with hearing aids would assist and change your life. Please visit our website www.pthearingcenter.com for terms and conditions.

Send your letter by email, postal mail, website contact or drop it off at the office by December 12, 2018.

All entries will be reviewed, and ONE winner will be chosen by a panel of judges. The winner will be brought in for a hearing exam to further qualify for need by determining degree and type of hearing loss.

The winner will then be scheduled to be fit with 2 new top of the line hearing aids programmed for their degree of hearing loss and preference to sound. They will also receive 3 years of follow up care which includes batteries and supplies for the hearing aids, 3-year warranty and loss and damage insurance.

One in five Americans have hearing loss and 2 out of 3 people over the age of 75 have hearing loss. There are so many health factors that can impact hearing. Our ears have been called a barometer into our health. Things such as diabetes, elevated blood pressure and smoking can all result in forms of hearing loss.

At Thigpen Hearing Center, we know the difference that hearing can make in someone’s life. Our office staff is happy to assist anyone with questions about hearing loss. Our mission is to uplift our community by improving communication one patient at a time. We have now helped this person’s overall health and mindset. By improving this person’s hearing, we believe it creates a ripple effect where their family benefits with this person’s engagement and independence. Family members can then assist more people in the community and it goes on.

Hear for the Holidays is just one event we do to give back to our community. We also support Special Kids, Green House Ministries, St. Clair Center, Volunteering to clean and check hearing aids at Adams Place, The Crossings at Victory Station and The Villages of Murfreesboro.

We host many events open to the public throughout the year. In May, we celebrate Better Hearing Month, with a patient appreciation event. Our staff truly has a servant heart and epitomize the scripture verse on our business cards relating that in everything we do, we do it bring honor and glory to God.

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