MCS Announces Art Show Winners

Murfreesboro City Schools is proud to announce the 2021-2022 winners of the Murfreesboro Student Art Show. The 32nd annual art show, held at the Murfreesboro City Hall Rotunda, highlights student art selected by each school’s art teacher as the Best of MCS in art and design.

The 2021-22 winners include:

Best of Show:

  • Morgan Lee, Hobgood


  • 1st – Emmerson Brownlee, Reeves-Rogers
  • 2nd – Rhodes Fisher, Northfield
  • 3rd – Hudson Stroop, Overall Creek

First Grade:

  • 1st – Addison Acuna, Hobgood
  • 2nd – Iris Cook, Overall Creek
  • 3rd – Roen Napier, Cason Lane

Second Grade:

  • 1st – Simon Ha, Black Fox
  • 2nd – Savannah Lee, Reeves-Rogers
  • 3rd – Sophia McNeal, Erma Siegel

Third Grade:

  • 1st – Payton Davis, Hobgood
  • 2nd – Emily Villatoro-Mancia, Black Fox
  • 3rd – Gianna Langley, Cason Lane

Fourth Grade:

  • 1st – Khloe Edgell, Overall Creek
  • 2nd – Ruby Denton, Erma Siegel
  • 3rd -De’Ricko Ferguson, Cason Lane

Fifth Grade:

  • 1st – Corine Malcolm, Overall Creek
  • 2nd -Lauren Sawmha, John Pittard
  • 3rd – Jude Austin, Overall Creek

Sixth Grade:

  • 1st – Ali Bautista-Ortiz, Black Fox
  • 2nd – Bella Zmuda, Cason Lane
  • 3rd – Sophia Dang, Black Fox

Artwork from this exhibit will be highlighted at the MTSU Todd Art Gallery 9th annual Winner’s Circle in May.

Morgan Lee - Best of Show 2022
Morgan Lee – Best of Show Winner 2022

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