New King and Queen Crowned for BoroPride Royalty Family

The BoroPride Pageant Committee is honored to announce the crowning of the 2021 Mr. and Miss BoroPride, and the official BoroPride Mascot. The 2021 Mr. BoroPride is Graysin Hale, the 2021 Miss BoroPride is Veronica Paige, and the 2021 BoroPride Mascot is Cassie the Cardigan Corgi.

The BoroPride Pageant Committee extends thanks to BoroPride Royalty, Justyn Ashtyn and Iona, for representing BoroPride throughout the community.

Volunteering and community involvement are core values of BoroPride. Mr. and Miss BoroPride, in addition to being the faces of BoroPride and the LGBTQ community, will work hard to promote and to educate others about the many amazing facets of the LGBTQ community.

You can see Mr. and Miss BoroPride, as well as other drag and musical performances, at BoroPride on the MainStage on Saturday, August 21, 2021.

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