NICU Babies at Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown Wish You a Happy Halloween

The sweet tradition that began in 2019 has returned for Halloween 2020! Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown NICU RNs Kim Meek and Olivia Horne have practiced magic once again to hand-make the cutest, funniest, and tiniest Halloween outfits you’ve ever seen for our current NICU babies.

These fun-sized costumes are a creative way for RNs to bring family-sized laughs to each baby’s loved ones during the stress of their NICU stay. Halloween 2020 brings us a bitty Bob Ross, an extra-tinyTinker Bell, a petite Flo from Progressive, a diminutive Dwight Schrute, and a lovely little lumberjack. In addition to iconic duos like Bacon and Eggs, there is a rumor that Elvis himself has been spotted in the Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown NICU!

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