PAWS Urges Pet Owners To Prepare Pets For Firework Season

Rutherford County Pet Adoption & Welfare Services (PAWS) is reminding pet owners to quickly prepare their pets for firework season in hopes pets stay home, happy, and out the shelters.

“Every year following Independence Day, many pet owners visit the shelter looking for pets that have ran away in fear of the fireworks,” says Lindsay Frierson, Rutherford County PAWS.

In 2020, PAWS received 17 stray animals and 14 lost pet reports within just two days after the Fourth of July holiday. Within a week, 73 stray animals entered the PAWS shelter, and 30 lost pet reports were submitted.

Loud noises and bright lights cause distress for many animals. PAWS recommends owners consider these “Fear Free” tips to keep their pets calm and safe during Fourth of July celebrations:

  • Drown out loud noises by playing calming music and/or using “white noise” and noise-reduction products.
  • Reduce your pet’s exposure to bright lights and flashes by blocking windows, keeping lights on in the house or bringing pets in a room with limited views of outside.
  • Comfort your pets by keeping them company or having a friend or family member stay with them during celebrations.
  • Speak with your pet’s veterinarian and trainer about special options that may help your pet’s behavior. A veterinarian may recommend medication or supplements for pets prone to high levels of anxiety or who are known to be very fearful of loud noises.

“Entering an unfamiliar shelter environment after enduring anxiety and fear of fireworks is an added stress we hope pets will not have to experience,” says Frierson. “PAWS wishes both owners and pets an enjoyable Fourth of July!”

For more information and additional tips to help pets stay happy and safe during celebrations, contact PAWS at 615-898-7740, visit the Rutherford County PAWS Facebook page or visit:


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