Podcast Epiosde 22 – Dr. Vineesha Arelli and Gideon Bell, RN

This week Dr. Vineesha Arelli (critical care and pulmonologist) and Gideon Bell, RN from TriStar StoneCrest Medical Center join us and help to answer the questions you asked from our poll last week.

Should You Take the Vaccine Resources:

1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2021). Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 Vaccination. Retrieved from https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/faq.html · Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2021). Understanding side effects and adverse events. Retrieved from https://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/ensuringsafety/sideeffects/index.html

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4. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2021). How to Protect Yourself and Others. Retrieved from https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-gettingsick/prevention.html

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9. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2021). Interim Clinical Considerations for Use of COVID-19 Vaccines Currently Authorized in the United States. Retrieved from https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/clinical-considerations/covid-19-vaccines-us.html

10. Johnson & Johnson (2021). Positive New Data for Johnson & Johnson Single-Shot COVID19 Vaccine on Activity against Delta Variant and Long-lasting Durability of Response. Retrieved from https://www.jnj.com/positive-new-data-for-johnson-johnson-single-shot-covid19-vaccine-on-activity-against-delta-variant-and-long-lasting-durability-of-response

11. Pfizer (2021). Pfizer and BioNtech confirm high efficacy and no serious safety concerns through up to six months following second dose in updated topline analysis of landmark COVID-19 vaccine study. Retrieved from https://www.pfizer.com/news/press-release/pressrelease-detail/pfizer-and-biontech-confirm-high-efficacy-and-no-serio

Booster Shot Sources:

· Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. COVID-19 Vaccines for Moderately to Severely Immunocompromised People. Retrieved from https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/recommendations/immuno.html

· U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Authorizes Additional Vaccine Dose for Certain Immunocompromised Individuals. Retrieved from https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/coronavirus-covid-19-update-fda-authorizes-additional-vaccine-dose-certain-immunocompromised

· Joint Statement from HHS Public Health and Medical Experts on COVID-19 Booster Shots. Retrieved from https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2021/s0818-covid-19-booster-shots.html

Additional Recourses- State Statics

COVID-19 Weekly Data

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