RCCWC Superintendent Awarded Jail Administrator of the Year by Tennessee Correction Institute

Rutherford County Correction Work Center (RCCWC) Superintendent William C. Cope was honored at this week’s Public Safety Meeting for being named “Jail Administrator of the Year” by the Tennessee Corrections Institute (TCI).

TCI made its announcement earlier this month at the annual conference in East Tennessee but Cope was unable to attend. That’s when TCI Executive Director William Wall contacted Mayor and RCCWC Board Chair Bill Ketron to recognize Cope publicly at the County’s Public Safety Meeting.

In the presence of Public Safety committee members, Mayor Ketron, and Cope’s staff and peers, Executive Director Wall, Deputy Director Bob Bass, and Facility Specialists Michael Donahue and Dara Keeton, presented Cope with his official plaque.

“This annual award is presented for exhibiting excellence within the local corrections environment,” explained Wall, “and Superintendent Cope has certainly displayed excellence over numerous years with core concepts of accountability, rehabilitation, reentry and public safety at the top of his agency’s mission.”

Wall also noted that RCCWC is a “nationally-recognized facility with cutting-edge programs.”

Upon hearing this special presentation, a surprised Cope, made his way to the podium, and said, “Not to minimize this once-in-a-career award, but a leader is only as good as his team.” He then called members of his staff to join him. He introduced RCCWC Captain Jason Smitty, Lieutenant Tommy London, and Sergeants Chad Duggin and Thaddeus Oclaray. “I’ve got the best team I’ve ever worked with,” he remarked.

“We are very fortunate to have Superintendent Cope and his team serving Rutherford County,” said Mayor Ketron. “He has been with the County over two decades and continues to improve and enhance RCCWC’s facility and programs. Congratulations, well-deserved!”

William C. Cope
Rutherford County Correction Work Center (RCCWC) Superintendent William C. Cope

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