RCS High Schools Outperforming State Average on All EOC Exams

Rutherford County’s high schools are significantly out-performing the state average for the number of students who are on-track or have mastered subject areas, according to information released today by the Tennessee Department of Education.


Each year, students in Tennessee public high schools must take End-of-Course exams, commonly referred to as EOCs, for courses in math, English, social studies and science. The latest results show the second year of the state’s new TNReady assessments.


“I want to recognize our high school teachers and administrators for their noteworthy efforts in preparing Rutherford County students for the statewide End-of-Course assessments,” Director of Schools Don Odom said. “Rutherford County’s ‘on-track’ and ‘mastered’ student percentages exceed the state average for all courses.”


Some of the highlights include Integrated Math, where Rutherford County Schools posted a 16 percent positive difference over the state average. In chemistry, RCS high school students were 15.7% higher and 10.80% higher in Biology.


In addition, Rutherford County Schools was one of only 10 — out of 129 school districts with high schools in 2016-2017 — recognized for reducing “the percent of students performing below course expectations in every individual TNReady end-of-course subject,” according to the Department of Education’s release of results.


“The quality and academic performance of programs in our high schools are drawing attention as evidenced by the fact that RCS high school student enrollments have grown by about 500 students each year for the last two years,” Director Odom said.


The Tennessee Department of Education’s full press release of statewide results can be viewedHERE.


The course-by-course results for Rutherford County Schools compared to the state average are included below.



TN 17 RCS 17 Difference
Geometry  25.80% 32.40% +6.60%
Algebra 2 23.50% 28.50% +5.00%
Integrated Math I 18.30% 34.30% +16.00%
English 1 29.50% 38.60% +9.10%
English 2 39.20% 45.80% +6.60%
English 3 34.40% 40.20% +5.80%
Biology 59.30% 70.10% +10.80%
Chemistry 41.20% 56.90% +15.70%
US History 30.80% 38.30% +7.50%


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