RCS Schools Outperform Surrounding Counties

Nashville Business Journal’s latest education lists show Rutherford schools rank No. 1 for elementary, middle and high schools

Rutherford County Schools offer the top schools in elementary, middle and high in the Midstate area, according to the most recent rankings of schools released by Nashville Business Journal.

Rankings were calculated based on standardized test performance, and schools were assigned a performance score relative to the overall raw score of the top performing school, according to the publication.

The rankings listed the top 25 schools for elementary, middle and high, and several Rutherford schools earned a spot. McFadden School of Excellence was named the best elementary school, and Central Magnet School earned the top spot at both the middle and high school levels.

RCS schools outperform surrounding counties

Following a full list of the Rutherford schools that made the top 25:


  • McFadden School of Excellence – Ranked 1/25 – Principal Clark Blair
  • Thurman Francis Arts Academy – Ranked 5/25 – Principal Jeff McCann


  • Central Magnet School – Ranked 1/25 – Principal John Ash
  • Thurman Francis Arts Academy – Ranked 3/25 – Principal Jeff McCann
  • Eagleville School – Ranked 20/25 – Principal Tim Pedigo
  • Stewarts Creek – Ranked 22/25 – Principal Letoni Murry


  • Central Magnet School – Ranked 1/25 – Principal John Ash
  • Eagleville School – Ranked 16/25 – Principal Tim Pedigo
  • Siegel High School – Ranked 17/25 – Principal Larry Creasy
  • Stewarts Creek High School – Ranked 18/25 – Principal Clark Harrell
  • Oakland High School – Ranked 22/25 – Principal John Marshall
  • Blackman High School – Ranked 23/25 – Principal Leisa Justus

Rankings were determined from 2018, 2019 and 2021 test scores obtained by the Tennessee Department of Education for Davidson, Rutherford, Sumner, Wilson and Williamson counties. Heavier weight was given to math and English, and to scores from more recent years.

Additionally, Rutherford County schools highly ranked on the list of schools which were most improved in test scores between 2019 and 2021, with Oakland and Eagleville high schools being the most improved, Whitworth-Buchanan as the second most improved middle school, and Thurman-Francis and Eagleville ranking among the topmost improved elementary schools.

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