Route to New York: One Student’s Journey to the Great American Marching Band

Only 200 high school students from across the country will come together for the 93rd annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on November 28, 2019, as the Great American Marching Band. Siegel High School senior Mackenzie Campbell will be one of them.

Campbell has spent the past four years honing her craft as a part of the Siegel High School Marching Band Colorguard. As a senior, Campbell is a captain in the colorguard and serves as a leader for her peers.

Excited to represent Siegel and Rutherford County in the Great American Marching Band, Campbell says, “I can’t wait to take advantage of this opportunity to go to New York, meet new people, and be on live television!” Such an opportunity comes at a cost, and Campbell has created a GoFundMe to fundraise the money she needs to get to New York. Speaking about the fundraising efforts, Campbell says, “It takes a village.”

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Mackenzie Campbell

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