Rutherford County Sheriff’s Deputies earn MADD awards

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Tennessee thanked law enforcement officers statewide recently who saved lives by arresting impaired drivers.

Rutherford County Sheriff’s Deputy William Travis received the Middle Tennessee Top DUI Enforcers award for sheriff’s offices in Middle Tennessee. Travis earned recognition in the gold category for 100 DUI arrests last year.

MADD honored Deputy Austin Watson in the silver category with 51 DUI arrests.

In the bronze category, Deputy Jake Beu arrested 48 impaired drivers and Deputy Nick Madore arrested 42 impaired drivers.

Survivors of loved ones killed in DUI-related crashes presented the deputies and other law enforcement officers with pins in the memory of their loved ones.

MADD Tennessee State Director Phaedra Marriott Olsen said officers statewide enforce DUI laws every day of the year.

“It’s an epidemic that is 100 percent preventable,” Olsen said.

She encouraged officers to work for the future of MADD’s theme #NoMoreVictimsTN.

MADD also recognized victims and their families, survivors and people who supported MADD’s efforts.

Tennessee Highway Patrol Sgt. Vincent Turocy, a MADD State Advisory Board member, said many officers believe they are just doing their jobs while enforcing DUI laws.

MADD doesn’t overlook the countless lives saved by officer taking action against the preventable crime of DUI.

“You are the ones who affect change and reduce” the chance of “drunk drivers killing someone,” Turocy said.

Officers removing DUI offenders off the highways prevent someone driving a deadly weapon and taking the lives of innocent people, the sergeant said.

“Thank you for just doing your job,” Turocy said.

MADD Awards

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