Siegel High School Summer CNA Program

Ten ambitious Rutherford County teens, led by Siegel High School’s Jennifer Bettag, RN, BSN, have been working hard to gain essential and in-demand nursing skills during a month-long Certified Nursing Assistant class. The class consists of six RCS graduates and four rising seniors. Central Magnet, Lavergne High School, and Siegel High School each have three rising or recent seniors enrolled along with a 2020 graduate from Stewarts Creek High School.

This opportunity prepares rising seniors to earn valuable work-based learning experience during their final year of high school and helps incoming college freshmen understand what to expect when making decisions about their future medical careers.

When asked why they are spending a month of their summer completing classes to earn a certification, students responded that this opportunity helps them prepare for college classes, helps them determine what medical specialty should be their focus, and even helps them see if nursing is the right career choice for them due to the in-depth experience and insight the class provides.

Students also felt that by taking the summer class, they would have the chance to gain additional credentials during the school year, get a better understanding and foundation for what is expected in a medical career and take a good first step into a medical profession.

Students will complete their final CNA certification and testing requirements at the end of this week. If you are interested in hiring students who complete and pass certification requirements please reach out to Jennifer Bettag.

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