SROs Ready to Greet Students

Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officers are preparing to protect and mentor students in the upcoming school year. Deputies are participating in advanced training this week to prepare for the upcoming school year and are excited to greet students Aug. 5.

SROs are highly trained and experienced law enforcement officers who specialize in school safety, mentoring youth, and investigating school threats. SROs are stationed in all Rutherford County Schools.

“SROs do a proficient job at protecting our schools and serving the children, families and staff in our schools,” said Sheriff Mike Fitzhugh. “SROs have a wide range of experience and training which makes them ideal for protecting our students.”

SROs Ready to Greet Students

From left, front row, are SRO Matt Vaughn, SRO Kyle Grisham, SRO Larry McMahan, Sgt. Scott Culp, Sgt. Shawn Jones, Sgt. Irvin Turner, Lt. Brian Wright, Capt. Brad Harrison, Lt. Alan Garner, Sgt. Tim Hayes, Sgt. Dustin Cox, Sgt. John Acton and SRO Edwin Fitzgerald;

Second row, SRO Andrew Bradley, SRO Jason Urban, SRO T.J. Notgrass, SRO Eric Crowder, SRO Michael Harris, SRO Laura Enright, SRO Teresa Reed, SRO Erica Brinkley, SRO Dallen Miller, SRO Mic Rea, SRO Markell Draine, SRO Curtis Beane, SRO Joshua Hooten and SRO Barry Jones;

Third row, SRO Travis Brewer, SRO Shane Vaughn, SRO Pat Doughtie, SRO Chris Erwin, SRO Joseph Rigsby, SRO Kayte Cherry, SRO Caylee Porter, SRO Leighann Ruggles, SRO Andrew Towle, SRO Ramy Ibrahim, SRO Roscoe Sanders and SRO Chris Freischlag;

Fourth row, SRO Matt King, SRO Chad Dodson, SRO Jameson Hurst, SRO Leonard Ghee, SRO Kenny Smith, SRO Anthony Bragg, SRO William Victor, SRO Michael Farmer and SRO Mark Meshotto;

Fifth row, SRO Matt Powell, SRO Kerry Nelson, SRO Matt Clagg, SRO Jonathan Hickman, SRO Jeff VerBruggen, SRO James Ridley, SRO T.J. Hinson, SRO Sam Trubee, SRO Jeremy Gregory and SRO Matt Arrington.

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