Three important updates from Rutherford County Schools

We have three important updates that have been communicated directly to parents, posted online and distributed via social media.

First, our School Board has approved a modified grading plan because of the COVID-19 shutdown. The plan includes information about how grades and graduation requirements will be calculated. Parents with any specific questions about how it affects their child’s grades, should reach out directly to their teacher of school.

Second, a graduation schedule and plan have been announced for late June. The intent of the plan — and the reason it is being postponed until summer — is to hopefully allow some spectators to participate, as long as CDC guidelines allow it. We will be monitoring those guidelines as our community works through the phased reopening. The schedule has been posted on the RCS website and social media accounts.

Finally, we have also modified the 2020-2021 academic calendar to eliminate almost all of the partial school days. This includes the two-hour days and the half days. Only the last day of school remains a two-hour day. The reason for this change is so we can maximize instruction days next school year.

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