TriStar Stonecrest in Tennessee preforms minimally invasive scarless procedure

The surgical team at TriStar StoneCrest Medical Center, under the direction of general surgeon, Joshua Taylor, MD, FACS, with The Surgical Clinic, was the first in Tennessee to remove thyroid glands using an approach that leaves no visible scar. Rather than performing the surgery through an incision in the neck, which leaves a visible scar, this new scar-free minimally invasive approach was performed using very small incisions inside the mouth, between the gums and lower lip.

A scarless transoral thyroidectomy is surgery to remove the thyroid glands. The thyroid gland makes hormones that control how your body makes and uses energy (metabolism). If the gland becomes too big, does not work right, or has a tumor, your physician may determine it needs to be removed. Many individuals who need their thyroid glands removed are potential candidates for scarless transoral thyroidectomy.

This minimally invasive thyroid technique does not leave a visible scar on the neck as the incisions are made inside and underneath the lower lip. An endoscopic camera and instruments are inserted through the hidden incisions. The endoscopic camera provides a magnified view of the operative field to permit safe removal of the thyroid gland. With this approach, there is no incision or scar on the neck and the incisions in the oral cavity heal very quickly and are not visible within 7-10 days of surgery.

“At TriStar StoneCrest Medical Center, our first priority is the patient’s care and safety.” Dr. Taylor said. “We want to offer patients an opportunity to undergo surgery on the thyroid and parathyroid without the visible scar as they can be potentially disfiguring or serve as reminders of a disease process.”

“Performing the transoral thyroidectomy through minimally invasive surgery is an exciting step forward in the care of patients in Tennessee,” said Dr. Taylor. “Studies have shown that a thyroid scar is one of the biggest concerns patients have regarding their surgery.”

“Dr. Taylor’s successful transoral thyroidectomy is testament to the dedication of surgeons and staff,” said Lou Caputo, chief executive officer at TriStar StoneCrest Medical Center. “These advanced surgical techniques accelerate and elevate the level of care we provide to our patients. We are proud to offer minimally invasive surgery options to our patients while offering compassionate care close to home.”

TriStar StoneCrest and its physicians offer minimally invasive surgery options for a variety of healthcare needs including general, orthopedic, spine, urology, gynecology, and thoracic surgeries. For more information, visit

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