Whole House Generator for your Murfreesboro home

Severe thunderstorms happen every year in Murfreesboro and, at times, those storms lead to prolonged power outages. Our hard-working local utility companies can’t stop nature. Storms hit, trees topple, power lines fall, and the lights go out.

Fortunately, we can all plan ahead. If you’d like more than the lighting of battery-powered lanterns and candles during and after a storm, there’s an easy answer: A whole house generator ensures an uninterrupted power supply and reliable electricity for your home. Depending on the type of generator you choose, that electricity can power one dedicated circuit, or everything from your refrigerator and air conditioner to medical equipment and WiFi.

The choice is yours, and the options are plentiful.

Knowledge is power

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Before you choose a generator for your Murfreesboro home, it’s good to understand how they work and why one option might be a better fit for your home and family.

The basics can be quickly summed up: The generator you choose is professionally installed outside and safely connected to your home systems. Then, whether you’re at home or away, an automated transfer switch turns your generator on within seconds of a power outage.

It’s a simple process. The power goes off and the generator comes on. However, determining the type of generator best suited to your home is more complex.

For example, you might need to keep medical equipment powered up to protect a loved one’s health. You might work from home, and consider your internet connection absolutely essential. You might have a freezer fully stocked with expensive cuts of meat or the family-feeding results of your hunting prowess.

Or, you could just prefer well-lit rooms and the ability to cook a hot meal and watch TV while the storm rages on and in the days after.

Whatever your needs may be, Lee Company can help you find the right generator for your unique situation.

Size isn’t all that matters

One of the first decisions to make is generator size. If you’re only interested in powering your HVAC system, a small 20kw generator might be the best option. Upgrade to a 24kw, and you can keep the refrigerator and AC on. Or, go for a true whole home generator – between 38kw and 40kw – and you’ll have enough electricity to keep an entire 3,600 square-foot house powered up.

Determining the fuel source for your generator is also important. You can fuel your home generator with natural gas or propane. If your home has a natural gas line, your generator will benefit from having an endless source of power, an especially nice advantage during prolonged outages.

When natural gas is not an option, propane is a great solution. Propane is a convenient way to store a large amount of fuel in a small, condensed space. Large tanks can be safely installed underground.

After the size and fuel type are determined, and the brand of generator selected, you’ll also need a:

  • Pad installed in the optimum location
  • Secure connection to the natural gas or propane line
  • Professional tie-in to your circuit breaker box

“Professional” is the key word in all of this. While Lee Company encourages DIY projects whenever possible, the safe and secure installation of a generator requires well-trained technicians. We send experienced plumbers and electricians to your home to ensure that your generator installation is handled safely and professionally.

Home generator services from Lee Company

When you want to safeguard your family, home, and valuables from the risks presented by power outages, a whole house generator is an ideal solution. Lee Company offers a wide selection of brand names and provides both installation and maintenance for whole house generators. Work with us, and you’ll rest easy, knowing your investment is protected by the careful, dedicated work of licensed professionals.

With Lee Company’s advanced technology, you can also stay informed once the installation is complete. It’s easy to link your standby generator to a smartphone app and receive insights on everything from equipment functionality to maintenance alerts.

Don’t get left in the dark

Lee Company professionals are happy to visit your home, discuss your needs and concerns, and make a customized recommendation based on years of experience. We’re here to answer any questions you have. Our certified electricians and plumbers are ready and eager to handle the job, safely and professionally. Don’t wait for the next power outage. Contact Lee Company today.

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