Woman’s Wallet Stolen from Shopping Cart at a Murfreesboro Grocery Store

An elderly woman grocery shopping for the holiday discovered someone apparently stole her wallet right out of her shopping cart.

She said she’s on a fixed income and will now not be out to cookout for the Fourth of July.

Henrietta Randolph, 63, said she knows her cash is gone, but is hoping at least get all the personal items back that were inside.

Just sit with Randolph for a few minutes, and she’ll have you cracking up.

“I don’t have no meat to burn, and I’m not going to burn my dog, and I certainly not going put a toothpick on my birds, but I hope whoever got it have a blessed holiday,” Randolph said while laughing.

She said she has to laugh to keep from crying after someone stole her wallet right out of her shopping cart Wednesday at the United Grocery Outlet on SE Broad Street in Murfreesboro.

(Photo: WKRN)

“So I laid my wallet on top of the roast I was going to get. When I got the bag and turned around to get my wallet to put the roast into the bag, my wallet was gone, and then I got to crying,” she told News 2.

Randolph said just before that happened a woman in a wheelchair was blocking the aisle near the meat department, so she asked could she get by. She said when she turned around, the wallet and the woman was gone.

“I’m highly upset,” Randolph said. “My nerves have been like this.”

She’s hoping that is not who stole it.

“Because she’s in a wheelchair,” Randolph said. “Who would think somebody in a wheelchair would do something like that. I would have at least bought her grocery or whatever with the little money I had. I had to leave my whole buggy there at the store because I couldn’t afford to pay for it.”

Randolph said she is disabled and lives paycheck to paycheck. She said her whole life is in that wallet.

“I got to get out here and call the federal trade people, all my bank cards, my social card, my everything, my longevity,” she said.

Randolph cancelled all of her bank cards and has been running around town trying to get her life back.

“I’ve been trying to go out here and get my driver’s license, my bank card; it’s a cards for it,” she said. “I asked those people how am I gone pay for it when all my money is gone.”

Randolph said it’s black wallet with two zippers on it. She said the grocery store does have surveillance cameras, and she’s hoping the theft is captured on video.

She filed a report with police who are now looking into what happened.

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