Youth Leadership Rutherford Announces Class of 2023

Students named for new school year

Youth Leadership Rutherford has announced its class of 2023.

The Youth Leadership program is a personal development program designed to educate and enhance the quality of leadership skills in high school seniors while promoting community awareness.

2023 class members are:

  • Mehrael Adly, Blackman High School
  • Reeyan Ahmed, Siegel High School
  • Mia Alexander, Providence Christian Academy
  • Eli Anderson, Eagleville High School
  • Kate Batey, Middle Tennessee Christian School
  • Emma Clonan, Oakland High School
  • Trevon Collins, Smyrna High School
  • Bobby Davis, Blackman High School
  • John Dempsey, Providence Christian Academy
  • Sara Elkommos-Zakhary, Smyrna High School
  • Mary Taylor Gray, Providence Christian Academy
  • Kayla Green, Siegel High School
  • George Harris, Central Magnet School
  • Grace Harris, Central Magnet School
  • Cathrine Hasan, Siegel High School
  • MiKaia Jones, Blackman High School
  • Maria Kime, Central Magnet School
  • Kate Lile, Riverdale High School
  • Sarah Claire Lusk, Central Magnet School
  • Sophia MaGinn, Oakland High School
  • Paige Martin, Eagleville High School
  • Chappell Mayes, Central Magnet School
  • Eli McFarland, Providence Christian Academy
  • Luke McFarland, Providence Christian Academy
  • Jaylun Moore, Siegel High School
  • Maarten Muller, Oakland High School
  • Callie Parker, Providence Christian Academy
  • Jackson Polk, Middle Tennessee Christian School
  • Landon Proudman, Providence Christian Academy
  • Zoey Raper, Rockvale High School
  • Ashton Reed, Oakland High School
  • Adam Revett, Rockvale High School
  • Mila Risner, Oakland High School
  • Layken Sanders, Rockvale High School
  • Grant Shain, Providence Christian Academy
  • Brayden Shockey, Siegel High School
  • Kathryn Webber, Central Magnet School
  • Ronald Whitmore Jr., Siegel High School
  • Ellie Wiemann, Rutherford County Virtual School
  • Yao Xiao, Central Magnet School
  • Madison Yahn, Siegel High School

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